For Adoption Agencies and Professionals

Interested in increasing the number of adoptions you complete each year?

 How about streamlining the time it takes for your families to complete their  adoptions? 

Are you tired of trying to bridge the financial gap for your families?

Now you can offer this innovative system that will add value to your services and make you unique!

What is the Adoption Finance Coaching System?  

An online, web-based system - branded to your website - consisting of twelve on-demand webinars,templates, personalized coaching, and a gift registry service so that your families have the tools to raise the money they need.

Webinar topics include:

Adoption Budget and Beyond

Planning Your Special Event

How to Write a Grant and much, much more...  

Today's prospective adoptive family has a choice! 

Statistics show that the number one reason families do NOT pursue adoption is due to the high cost.  It is difficult enough for agencies and adoption professionals to help a family through the sometimes complex road of adoption; not to mention the countless hours you and your staff spend on helping your families navigate the financial requirements.  

We are here to help!  We don't want to change what you do - we want to make you better! 

Be the first in your area to provide this special service to your clients.  

To schedule a free demonstration for you and your staff, contact us today! (816) 682 5500

Kelly has created a unique service that has been missing from the adoption field until now.  The Adoption Finance Coaching System will help families reach their financial goals and make their dreams of growing their family through adoption a reality.

Steffany A. Aye, 

Founder & Director

With over 25-years in the nonprofit sector as a fundraising professional, Kelly Ellison, founder and CEO,created the Adoption Finance Coaching System.  A unique, web-based system of resources and tools that you can simply 'plug' your clients into that will guide them on the road to reach their adoption financial goals.  Want to increase the number of adoptions and streamline the time to adoption?  Save time for your hard-working staff and give them a tool that will help them do what they do best, bringing more families together forever!  

“After several years of personally coaching families, helping them to raise $10,000 - $25,000 for their adoptions, I’m finally able to make this system available to adoption agencies across the country. I’d like to invite you to join me for a free demo to learn about this innovative product and service that will help you to increase the number of families who would consider adoption and help those who are already in the process bring their family together forever."
--Kelly Ellison, CEO/Founder
Adoptive Parent


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