Kelly Ellison, Your Adoption Finance Coach

As an adoptive parent myself, I know first-hand how complex
the road to completing an adoption can be.  After returning home from China with our daughter in 2007, I realized my passion to want to help adoptive families raise the money they need to bring their families together forever.  

With 25-years as a fund-raising professional, I decided to create a system of innovative tools and resources that would assist adoptive families to reach their financial goals.  After testing these tools and coaching several families with great success,  I wanted to make it available to more families thereby helping more children find their forever homes.  

Today, the Adoption Finance Coaching System is available to adoption agencies and professionals across the country helping them to help their clients to complete their adoptions more quickly.  This system consists of on-demand webinars, personalized coaching as well as an optional gift registry service specifically designed for the agency and their clients.
 Meet Our Team

Dan Cooper, Chief Operating Officer brings his experience of building company brand, sustainable growth and Saas.  Dan's background include leading a video training company from inception to exit as well as and extensive marketing and sales background.  

Amie Francois, Operations Manager brings a wealth of experience as an adoptive parent who went through the adoption finance coaching system during its inception as well as management experience from the nonprofit sector. Amie manages our Adoption Finance Coaches and works with our adoptive families and agency affiliates to monitor their success with the program.  
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