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ADOPTION FINANCES are Complicated...

We Have Real Solutions for your Family's Financial Questions

Our team of experts at Your Adoption Finance Coach has helped thousands of families by clarifying financial requirements, creating an easy-to-understand budget, and finding the best ways to afford and fund their adoption journey.

We provide services for Adoptive Families and/or Adoption Providers

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Adoptive Families:

CLICK HERE to see how we can help get you on the road to creating a customized plan to raising the money you need for your adoption in order to bring your family together forever.

Adoption Providers:

CLICK HERE to learn how you can save time and money, reduce your team's workload, and help to off-load 'non-adoption' related tasks.



Our online video library offers unlimited access to help you create a comprehensive financial plan for your adoption journey. Topics include budgeting, writing grants, fundraising, the tax credit and more. Families can customize their budget, download a list of foundations and lenders, and learn important tips for fundraising.


Our Coaches are dedicated professionals who have all been right where you are in your journey. They can help you to navigate the financial complexities of your adoption.


Your dedicated coach will assist you in identifying the best grant and/or lending options for your adoption, as well as assist you in writing and submitting an impactful grant application.


You’ll receive guidance on how to plan a successful fundraiser, coordinate a special event and assess the best crowdfunding platform to help fund your journey.


Adoption is complex and emotional, and the financial burden is great. Your Adoption Finance Coach offers resources and services to minimize your stress so that you can focus on the most important thing – bringing your child home.

Their expertise in planning and organizing events that support families in the adoption process is invaluable! We were overwhelmed by the details, and intimidated to ask friends and family to financially assist us, but they showed us how to pull it all together and raise funds with grace. Doors opened to fund raising possibilities that we did not know existed.

YAFC Family

We think it has been great to offer this service because as case managers often find, the financial piece is one of the first things brought up. Finances can be a huge stress for families. If they feel like they have someone to talk to about this and help them come up with a financial plan, it can be a big stress relief.

Adoption Agency Case Manager

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