Adoption is complex and emotional, and the financial burden is great.

We have one goal at Your Adoption Finance Coach to offer resources and services to minimize your stress so that you can focus on the most important thing – bringing your child home.

Meet Kelly Ellison, Founder and CEO of Your Adoption Finance Coach

"I’ll never forget the moment when the China officials handed our daughter to us. It was a pivotal moment for me. Twenty-five years of non-profit, fund development experience came together with my passion for adoption and I knew I wanted to help families with the financial challenges they were facing." ~ Kelly Ellison

Before she launched Your Adoption Finance Coach, Kelly served in the non-profit sector helping others with programs from the arts to the environment. Working for regional and national organizations such as the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City, Camp Fire USA, and Point of Light Foundation.

She has earned her MBA through the Rockhurst Executive Fellow Program at Rockhurst University. Through her combined professional and personal experience with international adoption that helped her find her true passion.

Kelly’s Personal Adoption Experience

Adoptions can be expensive. In fact, a domestic adoption costs between $25,000 and $50,000 while an international adoption can cost as much as $60,000.

When Kelly and her husband adopted their daughter from China in 2007, she learned about this reality first-hand. She said that it was that experience that led her “to want to help adoptive families raise the money they need to bring their families together forever.”

Kelly’s International Adoption Really Opened Her Eyes

Her journey with international adoptions personally cost her $30,000 and took over two years (29 months to be exact). But it was all worth it when she got to experience that life-changing moment. Since then, she has made it her personal goal to help others with their adoption journey by teaching them how to create a comprehensive financial plan for their adoption journey.

How Your Adoption Finance Coach Came to Be

In 2008, Kelly created one of the first online gift registry services, which quickly morphed into an online coaching service with on-demand videos, templates and resources and coaches who have been through the adoption process. She was invited to host a national radio show for three years called Your Adoption Coach Radio. All while still working full-time in the non-profit field. In 2013, Kelly was accepted into a start-up incubator called SparkLabs KC which allowed her to quit her day job and solely focus on Your Adoption Finance Coach.

In the past 13- years, Your Adoption Finance Coach has partnered with over 100 adoption providers, serving more than 6,000 families to assist them in writing grants, creating a budget, fundraising, applying for loans and the all important adoption tax credit. Kelly along with her team of Coaches are passionate about helping ALL families solve the financial puzzle of adoption.

More recently, Kelly and her team have developed several new programs that support families seeking a third-party journey. SEEDCOACH, Fertility Financial Guidance Program helps Intended Parents with the financial constraints of surrogacy, egg donor and IVF. Additionally, she has created the Employee Adoption & ART Program that provides assistance to corporations and their employees.

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