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Kansas City, MO, November 27, 2017– Your Adoption Finance Coach announced this week the addition of their Employee Adoption Assistance Program (EAAP), a new service designed to educate and inform employees in the workplace about adoption. Over 135,000 Americans choose to adopt each year.  On average an employee considering adoption will cost their corporation up to $80,000 in loss of productivity not including the reimbursement of any approved adoption expenses.

Adoption is complicated!  Employees seeking answers to basic questions about the type of adoption, cost of adoption, steps to adoption and more can take hours, days, months even years in searching through the lengthy information about adoption.  The Employee Adoption Assistance Program is mutually beneficial to both the employer and employee.

For the employer, having a licensed EAAP program for their employees is a benefit that encourages and supports family development. Employers providing this benefit employees shows that you care about them as individuals and not just employees. Benefits of the Employee Adoption Assistance program:

  • Reduces costs -- of loss of productivity between 20K to 80K per employee when researching adoption.
  • Easy to administer – a simple link to your HR portal allows your employees access.
  • Increases employee morale and reduces anxiety and stress associated with infertility and growing their family.
  • Provides a competitive edge, providing an innovative program that adds to your benefits package.

For the employee, the Employee Adoption Assistance Program is unique in that it provides employees access to a valuable online library with topics from how to choose an adoption provider, basics on domestic, international and foster adoption, benefits of the adoption tax credit and more. It also connects the employee to a qualified coach who can answer their questions and provide additional assistance regarding the employee’s personal circumstances.

“VML is a strong supporter of adoption, and we were looking for a solution to help our employees navigate the complicated world of adoption.  In partnering with Kelly Ellison and her team, we were able to help create and pilot a solution that would help to educate our employees about adoption and to help them reach their ultimate goal of growing their family through adoption.”                                                                

-- Annmarie Burnette, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

                                                            VML | Director, Human Resources and Benefits

GGR Group LLC, is the parent company of Your Adoption Finance Coach and the Employee Adoption Assistance Program.  For the past seven years, we’ve been working to solve the money problem for adoption providers and their families; working with over 30 adoption professionals nationwide and 2,000 prospective adoptive families Your Adoption Finance Coach provides comprehensive financial resources to families to help them create a financial plan for their adoption.

This new addition of the Employee Adoption Assistance Program is an exciting extension of services for us, says Kelly Ellison, CEO/Founder.  Let’s be honest, adoption isn’t one of those topics that’s being widely discussed around the ‘watering hole’ in workplaces across the country.  Employees lack the information and guidance they need to make an informed decision about adoption and whether it is a good fit for their family.  Employees experience stress and anxiety about not knowing what to do or how to find the information they need.  By adding a simple link from the HR Portal, the Employee Adoption Assistance Program can provide support to employees that might be struggling, most of the time privately, with the decision to adopt or not.  Our system gives employees access to our online video library, connects them with an experienced Coach and instantly opens them up to a full array of resources in the world of adoption where they can pick and choose the resources that work for them.”

If you would like more information about this program, please contact Kelly Ellison at 816 682 5500 or email at

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