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  • January 04, 2022 10:25 AM | Anonymous

    Among the 6,000+ families we have been honored to serve, we have been pleased to recently work with a mom who is adopting her biological niece from a country in the Caribbean.  She came to us after finalizing the adoption in country – but still needing help to find funding to finalize the U. S. side of things so that her daughter could come to the U. S. to be with her. 

    We are sharing her story here hoping that it will inspire you to seek out YAFC’s help with YOUR adoption journey.  We asked both the Prospective Adoptive Parent (PAP) and her YAFC Coach a few questions – our interview is below. 

    How did YOUR ADOPTION FINANCE COACH assist you in writing grants?

    “All the required paperwork and technology to apply for a grant has been intimidating; I didn’t think I would be able to apply because I didn’t know how.  It was a huge relief when my Coach literally helped me fill out my applications – line by line – and ensured that I had gathered up the right paperwork to submit with my applications.  I could not have done this  myself.  She even helped me get  my award letter packets turned back in accurately and on time.  I would not have been able to file these grant applications had it not been for the help of my Coach.  She also personally advocated for me and my daughter with the foundations – I would not have known how to do this.”  

    Anything else to add about your experience with YAFC? 

    “ I am also grateful that YAFC cares about me and my daughter and asks regularly about how we  are doing.  I had been living with my daughter in her birth country but had to return to the U. S. a few years ago when I learned I had cancer and had to remain in the US  for treatment.  I talk with her frequently, encouraging her and letting her know that I am doing everything I can to get us together as a family here in the U. S. as quickly as possible.  Even so, at times we both cry on the phone together. I love her so much and I cannot wait to be reunited with my daughter.  I know that the coaches at YAFC care about us and are working hard to help me get the funding I need to bring her home. “

    How common are Kinship Adoptions like this one?  What challenges do they present?

    YAFC Coach:  We support quite a few families who are working to adopt a relative – either from the U. S. or another country.  Regardless of whether it is a domestic or international adoption, families are often surprised by the number of challenges with which they are presented, the largest of which being financial. There seems to be a belief  that if they are adopting a biological family member that the expenses will be minimal; unfortunately, this is not the case.  And when it is an international adoption, there are a number of political hurdles that also have to be cleared.  In this case, the family  had already finalized her daughter’s (formerly niece) adoption in-country and had already used up a great deal of her savings to do so; however, she was shocked to learn she still had to then do the full immigration and re-adoption process in the U. S. as well, in order to bring her daughter home to Georgia. Many families are unaware of the logistics of these types of adoptions.  It is important to find the right resources to assist so that you don’t spend more money than needed and use the time wisely.    The  adoption and immigration attorney, Irene Steffas of Steffas & Associates, is just one of the amazing and dedicated attorneys with whom we are pleased to partner.  It brings us joy to work with a family in obtaining a grant or helping them with a fundraising project – because it all leads to one thing:  families together.  


    Guiding and Supporting Families Through the Financial Hurdles of the Adoption Journey
    It has been our pleasure to work with this mom and we look forward to celebrating with her when her daughter gets here to the U. S. – we hope very soon!   

    We know that adoption is complicated; and that every adoption journey is unique.  There are many plates spinning at the same time. Our famous line, “paperwork, politics, and finances” - it’s all too true! 

    We created Your Adoption Finance Coach to help families like YOU raise the money you need to complete your adoption journey and bring your child home. We consider it a privilege to work closely with families on such a personal journey and we’d welcome the opportunity to assist you. 

    If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help your family, please reach out to us at coach@youradoptionfinancecoach.com.

  • December 13, 2021 5:08 PM | Anonymous

    Are you considering adoption and wondering how to fund it? Grants can be a great way to offset some of the costs associated with adoption. 

    In this post, we'll discuss best practices for grant writing so that you can maximize your chances of being awarded a grant. We'll also provide tips for finding grants that may be applicable to your situation. Adoption is an amazing journey, and we hope this information helps to make the process easier for you to undertake!

    Grant Writing is a Competitive Process

    One of the first things you need to realize is that grant writing is a competitive process. Each Foundation that offers grants for adoptions has a limited amount of funds to give out and most identify a specific time when they award grants.  This creates a competitive process for those that are applying in any given round.  Unfortunately, there are a lot more applicants than there are grants to help them, so it is a competition to get them.  Even if it is competitive, we recommend applying because, simply, you can’t get a grant unless you apply! 

    Follow the Guidelines

    Step one  is read the directions and guidelines for each grant closely. Do not apply if you do not meet the guidelines.  This is a common mistake.   It’s better to put your focus on the grants that you do qualify for as opposed to wasting time on grants that you aren’t eligible for. 

    It Takes Time

    Each grant has its own requirements and guidelines. Invest the time to read through and follow the guidelines and you’ll begin to see results.   Select a few Foundations at the start - your A group and then if you don’t get success go to your B group.  Take the time and work with your coach to find the grants and foundations that are the best fit for your situation.

    Grants Aren’t a Silver Bullet

    Don’t expect that grants will pay all your adoption expenses. That’s not what they are designed to do. Your goal should be to get as much as you can through grants with the understanding that this will offset your total costs, not cover them. You will need to plan on other sources for help through your adoption journey.

    Qualifying for Grants

    There are three factors that foundations usually look for in their applicants. These are:

    • Religious affiliation — The majority of grants are from religiously affiliated foundations. They will be looking for a statement of faith and possibly some kind of a recommendation or statement from your pastor or church leader.

    • Financial need — Most foundations will look at the combined income for couples and then use this to determine the applicants’ needs. Foundations will also consider issues such as financial loss due to health problems, failed attempts at adoption or pregnancy (such as costs from IVF or fertility treatments), and job loss.

    • Special needs — Foundations will be especially interested in a child you’re looking to adopt having an identified medical need such as a physical or mental disability. 

    Gather Core Documents

    As you start to write your applications, you need to have all of your documents ready for quick reference. Your core documents that most foundations will ask about include:

    • Budget

    • Your personal story

    • Home study

    • Tax information

    • Letters of recommendation

    Common Mistakes

    The most common mistakes we see are:

    • Ignoring Guidelines

    • Applying to ALL Foundations

    • Making Your Application ALL About Religion

    If you can avoid these mistakes, then you have a better chance of finding the right grants and making your application stand out from the rest.

    The Reward Is Worth the Effort with Grant Writing

    Grant writing may be a challenging process, but it can also yield financial rewards for your adoption. The best way to increase the likelihood of success is by doing a thorough research and following the guidelines offered by each organization. 

    Your Adoption Finance Coach can help you through this process one step at a time. Our financial coaches are experienced and eager to help families through their adoption journey to identify resources, raise funds, and create a comprehensive financial plan for completing their adoption. It is a privilege to work closely with families on such a personal journey and we’d welcome the opportunity to assist you.

    If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help your family, please reach out to us at coach@youradoptionfinancecoach.com .

  • September 15, 2021 1:26 PM | Anonymous

    Over the past 13 years, Your Adoption Finance Coach has had the honor to work with more than 6,000 prospective adoptive parents. We have assisted them with budgeting, receiving grants and loans, planning successful fundraisers, and understanding the Adoption Tax Credit. 

    Last year, one dad we worked with was determined to do everything he could to bring his 2 sons home from Colombia – and to make sure that once they were home, that he still had money in his savings to adequately care for them and provide for their future. 

    Stephen worked hard to procure grants – he utilized all of YAFC’s resources and achieved a great deal of success.  We are sharing his story here with you this month with the hope that it will inspire you to seek out YAFC’s help with YOUR adoption journey. 

    How did YOUR ADOPTION FINANCE COACH assist you in writing grants?

    Everything YAFC offered, I took advantage of – and everything helped!  I immediately logged into their online portal and watched ALL the videos – even the ones that I wasn’t sure applied to me.  I think all the information that I took in was ultimately very helpful, even if it didn’t seem like it applied to my situation at the time. 

    After viewing the videos, I called my personal coach, and the help she provided was key to my success.  If I had only watched the videos and just looked at the grants and loans template, I would have likely concluded that I wasn’t eligible for any grants and probably wouldn’t have applied for anything.  However, my coach listened to the details of my unique situation and helped me to compose my story in such a compelling way that I received $32,000 in grants!  She also recommended the foundations to which I should apply and I am glad to say that I followed her advice – it paid off!    

    So from your experience, you believe there is value in utilizing both the online portal AND the personal coaching? 

    Definitely.  The portal offered a great deal of helpful information.  However, having a personal coach, a human being, I could talk to and bounce ideas off of helped me understand how the information from the portal applied to me and more importantly, put it to good use. 

    My coach was readily available - I appreciated that I could both email her quick questions AND jump on the phone with her to talk through more complex inquiries; and I always had the portal there as a reference point with best practices, helps and templates.  The assistance I got from YAFC was invaluable. 

    Anything else to say about your experience with YAFC? 

    I fear there are prospective adoptive families out there who believe they make too much money or don’t need help – and so when offered the services of YAFC by their agency or attorney, they look the other way.  I think this is a mistake.  I would urge families to give YAFC the opportunity to ease the financial burden of your adoption journey; it will make both a short-term and long-term difference.  Because of YAFC’s help, I was in a much better financial position when my teen and preteen sons came home than I would have been without utilizing their services.  I am grateful. 


    It was our pleasure to help Stephen complete the adoption of his 2 amazing sons, Santiago and Julian.   

    We know that adoption is complicated! There are many plates spinning at the same time. Our famous line, “paperwork, politics, and finances” - it’s all too true! 

    We created Your Adoption Finance Coach to help families like YOU raise the money you need to complete your adoption journey and bring your child home. We consider it a privilege to work closely with families on such a personal journey and we’d welcome the opportunity to assist you. 

    If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help your family, please reach out to us at coach@youradoptionfinancecoach.com.

  • August 23, 2021 10:09 AM | Anonymous

    YAFC has worked with over 6,000 families over the years and even though they are all unique and special, one family stands out as an example for us all. 

    This month we want to spotlight a family because they are so much like many other families that we work with.  Those common denominators are the desire to adopt but not understanding the finances and how to make the dream of adoption come true.  Here are excerpts from our conversation with this family. 

    How did Your Adoption Finance Coach assist you in writing grants?

    When we stepped up to adopt our precious boy, we found the overall cost overwhelming and we realized quickly that we would not be able to adopt him unless we got help with the financial side of things – and fast! 

    Our attorney gave us information about Your Adoption Finance Coach (YAFC), and a renewed hope was found! After logging on to the YAFC portal, we connected with a coach who was very caring and helpful; she listened to our story and got right to work offering her expert assistance.  

    I won't lie, the task of filling out multiple applications for grants was extremely daunting, especially while caring for a little one at the same time. Every night, I would sit down at the end of the day, write a little more of our story for the applications, and how this amazing baby came into our lives. I poured my heart into this process and made sure to include as many details as possible; then I handed it over to our coach who helped us know what we needed to add or take out. 

    Our adoption situation was distinct and a bit challenging in regard to applying to foundations; and so I know there were times that our coach turned to Kelly, YAFC’s CEO, to make sure we were heading in the right direction. As a result, we felt like we had a whole cheerleading team rooting for us and encouraging us to complete the arduous process. YAFC was there every step of the way and provided timely support. They gave us the confidence to get started and the push to keep going. 

    How did YAFC’s personal coaching and online portal impact your adoption process? 

    Without the help of YAFC, we would not have received the $21,000 in grants that we did! 

    For starters, we did not even know that these grants were available to adopting families. Even our web searches did not produce what YAFC was able to help us find, and their advocacy on our behalf with the foundations made all the difference. The resources available on the portal were very helpful to have a better understanding about what to expect and how to proceed. Thank you YAFC! 

    YAFC Supports Families Through the Financial Challenges of the Adoption Journey

    Our goal at Your Adoption Finance Coach is to support families through the complex financial process of their adoption journey.  There’s no better feeling than helping a couple bring their family together forever.  

    At Your Adoption Finance Coach, our financial coaches are experienced and eager to help families through their adoption journey to identify resources, raise funds, and create a comprehensive financial plan for completing their adoption. It is a privilege to work closely with families on such a personal journey and we’d welcome the opportunity to assist you.

    If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help your family, please reach out to us at coach@youradoptionfinancecoach.com .

  • August 16, 2021 10:42 AM | Anonymous

    The adoption process can be IS incredibly overwhelming. We often refer to the process as “Paperwork, Politics, and Finances,” the BIG 3 things that Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAP) have to tackle when embarking on an adoption journey. 

    And surprisingly they need to be prepared to take on all three – ALL at once! A PAP’s adoption agency or adoption attorney will be focused on helping families with tackling both paperwork and politics from the very beginning of the adoption process. This leaves families guessing as to what comes next and how to specifically tackle the financial side of things. 

    YOUR ADOPTION FINANCE COACH serves families by focusing on the financial aspect of their adoption journey. We have firsthand knowledge of the entire process and how overwhelming it can be. 

    Each of our coaches has been touched by the adoption triad. We personally know how difficult it can be to:

    -          keep track of what comes next,

    -          know what to expect at different times,

    -          remember or know when payments are due,

    -          and understand what permissions and fees are required for which form, etc. 

    We work very closely with our partner agencies and attorneys. We help connect families back to their agency/attorney when certain support is needed. 

    By active listening and having empathy for what a family is experiencing, we know how to support them through the adoption process. For instance, we can help them create a customized financial plan for how they’ll bring their family together. 

    We help families through the step-by-step process allowing them to “see the light at the end of the tunnel.”  We know that even the toughest of phases in the adoption journey can be overcome so that the joy at the end of the journey can be realized; and we long to share that hope with families. 

    “Our coach provided a great deal of adoption support to us at times when our heads were spinning.  I was skeptical that YAFC (Your Adoption Finance Coach) would be able to help us at all – but as soon as we connected, we were pleasantly surprised. Our coach listened to our concerns, helped us figure out issues with our adoption in general that would also impact grant applications, and answered all our questions – no matter how trivial.  We are grateful for YAFC and the adoption support its team provided to our family in the final stretches of our adoption journey.  We would recommend them to ANY family seeking support in the adoption process.”  - Luke, Kimberly and Baby Lennox

    At YAFC, we know that the adoption process at any given moment can be demanding in a completely different way than it was just a week, or even a day, prior. Our coaches are always ready to meet a family where they are and provide the right kind of adoption support that is needed in their journey. 

    Please contact us today at coach@youradoptionfinancecoach.com if you have questions about our services and how you can take advantage of the adoption support we provide through our partnering agencies or through the NCFA Family Membership.  We look forward to connecting with you! 

  • August 02, 2021 10:07 AM | Anonymous

    Over the past 10 years, Your Adoption Finance Coach has had the honor to work with more than 6,000 prospective adoptive parents. We have assisted them with budgeting, receiving grants and loans, planning successful fundraisers, and understanding the Adoption Tax Credit.

    This month, we want to spotlight a family we worked with in 2020, soon after the pandemic was shutting much of the country down. Luke and Kimberly, who live in New York City, learned about a birth mom in Florida who selected them to parent her baby – just a few weeks before the baby was due to be born. 

    Luke joined one of our “Boot Camp Webinars” and then contacted one of our coaches soon thereafter. We asked them to share their experience.

    When your adoption attorney gave you our information, what did you expect?

    Luke: Quite honestly, we weren't expecting much when we learned about Your Adoption Finance Coach. I assumed there would be some kind of fee to use your services, and even then, we weren’t sure what we might receive in return. I was so surprised and relieved to learn that your fees were covered by the fees we’d already paid our attorney.Baby Lennox smiling

    What was your experience like working with Your Adoption Finance Coach – how were we able to assist you? 

    LUKE: Up until we began working with YAFC, we had found the adoption process thoroughly overwhelming (emotionally, logistically, and especially financially). We attended the first webinar and were pleasantly surprised; and then had a great experience working our own personal coach. 

    Our experience with YAFC was incredible and you guys are absolutely THE FIRST organization we will mention when someone tells us they're planning to adopt. Our coach was informative and patient, guiding us expertly through each step of the grant application process, no matter how trivial the question. 

    And most importantly, your help resulted in us receiving a grant! We can't thank YAFC enough; our adoption would have been very difficult without you.

    Guiding and Supporting Families Through the Financial Hurdles of the Adoption Journey
    It was our pleasure to help Luke and Kimberly. We’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures they have shared of Baby Lennox as he has grown over the past year.   

    We know that adoption is complicated! There are many plates spinning at the same time. Our famous line, “paperwork, politics, and finances” - it’s all too true! 

    We created Your Adoption Finance Coach to help families like YOU raise the money you need to complete your adoption journey and bring your child home. We consider it a privilege to work closely with families on such a personal journey and we’d welcome the opportunity to assist you. 

    If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help your family, please reach out to us at coach@youradoptionfinancecoach.com.

  • July 26, 2021 12:32 AM | Anonymous

    Your Adoption Finance Coach has had both the honor and privilege to work along-side so many dedicated adoption professionals serving prospective adoptive families over the past ten years. We have worked with over 6,000 families to assist them in budgeting, obtaining loans and grants, organize fundraising events and better understand the adoption tax credit. 

    This is a Spotlight on one of our Agency Partners acknowledging their work and best practices for how they have promoted and utilized our services. 

    Open Door Adoption Agency has partnered with Your Adoption Finance Coach since 2016. They were one of the first adoption agencies to offer our services to their families. 

    Over the years their families have raised a combined $800K through grants, loans, and fundraising. Each family utilizing the services raises on average between $16,000 - $20,000.    

    Open Door offers the financial coaching program to both domestic and intercountry families. They promote the program online through their web site and during their parent orientation meetings. 

    For new families signing up with Open Door, they have incorporated a short presentation by our team to explain the services and let incoming families know how to connect with us. Incoming families have a chance to ask questions and get to know us before jumping in. 


    “The benefit of including you (YAFC) in our parent training is that families have seen your face and heard directly from the horse’s mouth what supports you can provide. It is a way of having them take the very first step of working with you right then on training day. I also think it normalizes the process of raising the money.”                                                                                                                                                               Victoria Eades, MA

                                                                                        Domestic Social Services Coordinator

                                                                                        Open Door Adoption Agency


    Open Door Adoption Agency Ensures Families Are Financially Prepared for the Adoption Journey

    For new prospective adoptive families, it can be very overwhelming when they first get started. By teaming up with YAFC, we can help families focus on the budget needed for their journey as well as discuss with them concerns they may have about how they will cover the costs of the adoption.

    Our goal is to make sure the family is completely prepared for the financial challenges ahead. This means ensuring that they are anticipating expenses and understand the timing of the adoption journey ahead. We make sure they have information about all the resources that are available so they can make an informed decision. 

    There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ in adoption! 

    Every family comes with their own set of concerns and every family has a different financial landscape. Our Coaches educate families on the resources available and help them to make informed decisions about the financial requirements associated with their adoption journey. 

    We highly recommend Open Door’s integration of our services into their New Parent Orientation as a Best Practices for all our agency partners. By introducing the services to the families in the orientation, it helps families to make the connection and associate our team with the Open Door team. Families are more likely to engage with a Coach sooner to discuss their financial circumstances. 

    Your Adoption Finance Coach Provides Support and Financial Education to Your Families

    Let’s face it adoption is complicated! There are many plates spinning at the same time – our famous line, “paperwork, politics, and finances.” 

    I remember the day we signed on the dotted line, starting our adoption and thinking, “we’ve got to come up with a lot of money.” I will never forget that feeling! 

    That was the reason I created Your Adoption Finance Coach and today we are so very proud to be working with so many adoption professionals like Open Door. Learn more about our services and how we can help your families by scheduling a free demo. And check out our list of partnering agencies.   

  • July 17, 2021 2:15 PM | Anonymous

    Kids and Money…we don’t like that combination, and let’s face it, no one wants to talk about the fact that adoption is expensive. Costs range from $25,000 - $50,000 or more, depending on if you’re pursuing a domestic or intercountry adoption. 

    Most don’t realize that there are so many aspects to the adoption process. The number of local and national organizations and most importantly all of the dedicated professionals that make it all happen.

    Money Is the Biggest Barrier to a Family Choosing Adoption

    Unfortunately, studies show that money is one of the biggest barriers when a family is choosing adoption. Some families just opt out, thinking there are few resources or it’s just not for them. 

    From the adoption professional’s perspective, many still struggle with this topic and how to address the money issue with prospective adoptive parents. Most agencies do not have the capacity to bring on a full-time or even part-time person to manage this role within their agency. But it’s important to understand that addressing the financial path of the adoption journey is key to any family considering building their family in this wonderful way. 

    With that in mind, we’ve created some best practices for adoption professionals – a handy DO’s and DON’Ts List - that will assist you and your team when talking to PAP’s about money!

    1)     DON’T Ignore the Topic – it’s easy to do! Families are frankly afraid to bring this up so it either comes out right away or they avoid the topic. There should be a checklist of “TO DO’s” during any PAP meeting and finances should be on this list!  

    Some agencies ask the family to complete a form. This is a good idea, but still avoids the perhaps difficult task of actually addressing the issue of money.

    Families have concerns, they may feel embarrassed about their past – medically or financially. Best to bring it up and start the conversation.

    2)     DON’T Bulldoze in – on the other hand, sensitivity is key here. While it’s important to abide by DON’T #1, rushing in too soon, not listening for concerns or acting like it is no big deal, “they can get grants to cover it…” can set the family up for unrealistic expectations.. 

    3)     DON’T Mail them a Packet of Information.  While we really got into the spirit of this during the pandemic, it’s better to have a staff member personally reach out via phone - or our favorite, ZOOM - to clarify the financial responsibilities of the adoption process.

    Mailing an impersonal packet of information will likely not get the message across that the finances, along with all other aspects of the adoption process, are important.

    4)     DON’T think “This isn’t MY problem.” “We do the adoption, let them figure out the money.” Believe it or not, we’ve actually had adoption professionals tell us this! 

    We’re here to tell you that is most definitely YOUR problem. And if YOU don’t do it, someone else will!

    Prospective Adoptive Parents are shopping, and they are looking for full-service agencies that support them in all aspects of the adoption journey.

    5)     DON’T Give them a List of Foundations.  Again, the importance of this gets completely missed when it’s presented as just another list, just another piece of paper that they have to read. They are ‘overwhelmed,’ by the paperwork, politics, and finances of the whole thing! 

    The truth is that even considering grants at this early stage of the adoption process gets completely lost on PAPs. They should not even be considering grants until the home study, budget and story are done.


    Now for the DO List for talking finances with Prospective Adoptive Parents.

    This is not an exhaustive list. We hope that by reading it you’ll come up with several more on your own!

    1)     DO Train Your Team – There is a lot of misinformation out there and we’ve heard it all!  “The tax credit will pay you back for all your adoption expenses.”  This is just not true!  

    “You can get grants to pay for your adoption in full.”  Also, not true!  

    It’s critical to train your team to know the facts and present the correct information to PAP’s. We recommend an outline that is followed by the team members trained to do the presentations with PAPs. 

    Before a team member can do a presentation on their own, they need to be audited by a member of the team that knows the information.

    2)     DO Understand Money Cultures – What is a ‘money culture?’ It’s defined as the social rules about money in American Culture.

    Money cultures can be handed down from parents to their kids creating an unhealthy cycle of money habits. Some examples are “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, “ or “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

    Understanding that we ALL have these and how they influence how we approach certain life challenges is crucial:  such as getting married, buying a house and yep – building your family.

    The key is to “listen” for the culture and understand it as you work with various families to better understand their approach to money and what expectations they may or may not have about grants, fundraising, loans, etc.

    3)     DO Innovate – Find ways to differentiate your services.  This could mean a partnership with a local financial planner or bank. Find ways to address the finances that are creative. 

    It could also mean partnering with Your Adoption Finance Coach (YAFC)! YAFC is a very affordable way to offer financial services from a team that has been there and experienced adoption first-hand.

    For as little as $75 per family, we can help PAPs with budgeting, loans, grants and fundraising. Check out our partnering agencies

    4)     DO Align the Financial Path with the Adoption Path – Some agencies will just give a laundry list of expenses with little information about when the expenses occur. Others will give a wide range of the cost of items (such as $10,000 - $20,000). 

    We recognize that it’s very difficult to nail down some expenses; however, taking the time to give as many details as possible, along with timing, is a critical aspect of managing the process.

    5)     DO Listen and Lead – Families can be afraid. Many are afraid that you will tell them they cannot adopt, or afraid that you will tell them they cannot afford adoption, or afraid that they won’t ever find a child that matches their needs. 

    There are many families seeking to build their family through adoption who have also been through a lot of pain and spent a lot of money – sometimes all the money they have.

    Listening to their financial concerns and guiding them through the process will give them confidence and help them finish the goal and bring their family together forever.

    Add Experienced Financial Coaching to Your Adoption Services

    Your Adoption Finance Coach has served over 6,000 families across the country and has partnered with over 100 adoption agencies and attorneys. Families that utilize our innovative system raise between $10,000 - $25,000, depending on their circumstances.

    Our goal when we work with a family is that they will reach their full financial commitment to finalize their adoption – whether it is via a loan, fundraising, grants, tax credit or all of the above!  

    Everyone who works at YAFC have all been touched by the adoption triad and passionate about helping families through adoption. For more information, or to schedule a free demo of our services, contact us at coach@youradoptionfinancecoach.com or at 816.268.5500.  



  • July 05, 2021 11:25 AM | Anonymous

    For those considering domestic or international adoption, if you’ve done any amount of research on the subject, you’ve likely begun to understand that the cost can be steep!

    Depending on whether you’re seeking a domestic or intercountry adoption journey, you will want to prepare to dig deep…real deep into your pockets because for most adoptions, costs can range from $25,000 - $50,000. In some cases, for intercountry adoption, costs can be even more depending on how many trips or long-term stays are required. 

    The Biggest Barrier to Adoption is the Cost

    It’s no surprise to learn that the #1 barrier to adoption is the high cost! Most folks don’t even consider adoption as a viable path simply because the costs are so daunting, and they can’t see a clear path for how they’ll fund the adoption journey.

    Your Adoption Finance Coach was created specifically to solve the money problem as it relates to adoption. There are many options and resources to finance an adoption but certainly the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will not work.

    Every family’s financial situation is different. In this article we will address loans and grants that are available and how a family can determine if they qualify.   

    Grants for Adoption: What You Need to Know

    The first option most families hope for is to receive a grant for their adoption. There are many foundations such as A Gift of Adoption, A Child Waits Foundation, HelpUsAdopt and Show Hope that provide grants to families. This is just a sample of some of the more popular foundations.  

    Most are faith-based, however there are some organizations that do not require you identify as Christian. While foundations are deeply devoted to helping families with the expenses, most are interested in how they can bridge the funding gap of adoption. 

    Foundations expect the family to contribute a good portion of the costs and being able to articulate how they will pay for their journey. In other words, a family can’t just say, “We want a grant for $40,000!” That is unrealistic! 

    Most grants range from $1,000 - $5,000. Some may give more depending on the circumstances of the adoption. For example, some foundations will be interested in the child and the birth mom circumstances – drugs? Homeless? Keeping the child out of foster care. 

    Others will be more interested in the adoptive parents’ journey. For example, infertility, a failed adoption attempt, etc.  But in all cases the story, your compelling reason why you are adopting, is key to receiving a grant award.  

    Three documents must be completed to successfully apply to any adoption foundation: 

    •       your home study,
    •     your adoption budget,
    •       and your story. 

    Do not send any applications without these documents included.    

    Getting a Loan for an Adoption: Here’s What You Should Know

    Something you CAN do before the home study is complete is to obtain a loan to fund your adoption either partially or in full.  This requires a budgeting analysis of exactly how much money you will need. Be sure to consider any travel expenses or personal expenses such as time off work that might impact your budget. 

    For domestic adoptive families, obtaining a loan before you’re networking for a birth mom is important for you to be able to accept a situation that might be presented to you. This can be a line of credit or a home equity loan.

    Always check with your home bank first for the best interest rates, but there are others such as America’s Christian Credit Union that provide an adoption line of credit.  Other credit unions are jumping on this train – Vystar and Firefly Credit Union. 

    A home-equity loan is always an option but be aware that there are typically fees such as closing costs and the appraisal of the property. 

    We get lots of questions about zero-interest loans and while these can be compelling, they do require a home study and have limited funds available. Some even expect repayment right away tying up your cash flow. Be certain that if you go with a no-interest loan, you understand what you are getting. Some no-interest loans are from Lifesong for Orphans, Pathways to Little Feet and Abba FundA Child Waits Foundation can give a low-interest loan along with a grant.    

    The Process of Adoption Can Be Overwhelming: Here’s Your Roadmap

    The process of adoption can be overwhelming! We say paperwork, politics, and finances! It is a highly emotional experience; many find themselves on the path of adoption after the expense and trauma of infertility or loss. 

    Many families arrive on the adoption path and once again find themselves dealing with so much -- Where to begin?  What to do first?  Where will we get the money?

    Here are suggestions if you’re just getting started or possibly on the path of your adoption journey looking for guidance with your finances:

    1) Start with a complete budget – Include all your own personal expenses along with what your agency or professional have given you. Consider everything, leave nothing out. You want a number and the right number to start with.

    2) Visit a tax advisor - Learn how the tax credit will benefit you. Many do this last however, we recommend scheduling this important visit first, so you know how it benefits you and at what level.

    3) Consider what you already have – Savings, family gifts, and the amount you can put away each month toward your adoption.

    4) Craft your story – Make it unique like you. Why are you adopting? Give it your heart.

    5) Develop a plan – Month-to-month just like a household budget. What is coming in? What is going out?

    6) Determine what you need - Then consider how you will get it. We’ve covered loans and grants but there is also fundraising, special events and family gifts.

    7) Implement your plan - Stick with it, update often and change it according to what is happening. This is your ‘business plan for adoption’. It is a living document that helps you achieve your goal of bringing your family together forever.

    All the Work Will Be Worth It

    So, you’ve decided to build your family through adoption, Congratulations!  This article is written with you in mind. It may seem like the biggest task you have ever taken on, but the rewards far out-weigh the costs! 

    For those that feel like it takes forever, and the path is circuitous, just hold on to that dream. When you are united with your child, holding them in your arms for the first time, it’s that moment when all the work and fortitude it took to get there fades away and you are together forever! 


  • June 16, 2021 2:01 PM | Anonymous

    It is possible to get all the money you need for your adoption; however, there are some misconceptions about exactly how to make this happen.  Many families get the idea that they can get all grants or do one fundraising event to cover all the costs of their adoption.   These misconceptions get perpetuated through social media and other channels, but it simply is not true. 

    Have there been instances where a family has received lots of money for their adoption through grants and fundraising?  Of course, but these are the exceptions not the rule!  It is important when you are starting out on your adoption journey that you are realistic about the finances you will need.   

    We recommend a diverse approach when putting together a financial plan for your adoption.  The Adoption Finance Coaching system is designed to take families through a budgeting and timing process that will uncover all the expenses for your journey.  Our Coaches understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all,’ we help you create a comprehensive, customized financial plan for your journey.

    Below are best practices for creating your own financial plan for your adoption journey: 

    Your Own Money

    Yes, you need to contribute to your adoption with your own money.  Foundations expect this and it’s important to set aside money for your adoption each month. 

    We recommend reviewing your own personal budget and identify an amount of funds you can contribute monthly. It doesn’t matter how much; it matters that you are committed to this amount, and you do it! 

    Set up a separate account for your adoption where you’ll put all the money for your adoption. This helps you track expenses and your progress. 

    Family Gifts

    Likely you will have family members that will want to help…Let them!  Include them in your plan, let them know what your plan is and exactly what you need and how they can help. 

    For funds received by family and friends, you can receive up to $14,000 in cash gifts without claiming that money on your taxes. That is per person, per year! Gifts are cash and cannot be tax deductible. Always check with your tax advisor or professional about any tax decisions you make. We are not tax advisors. 

    Adoption Loans

    Loans are typically one of the first steps considered when you are putting together your plan.  Why? Because in most cases a family wants to secure whatever money they can so the process can move forward. 

    Start with your home bank.  Where do you have a banking relationship?  You have a better chance at refinancing your current mortgage or taking out a home equity loan with the bank that has the existing mortgage.

    Research other lenders. Credit Union’s such as America’s Christian Credit Union are offering adoption lines of credit that can be a useful option.  Other Credit Unions are Firefly Credit Union, Vystar and perhaps more.  If you’re a member of a credit union, we encourage you to research this option. 

    Zero-interest lenders.  There are a few lenders who are in the nonprofit sector who provide loans with no interest.  One of the most popular is Pathways For Little Feet They offer loans of up to $7,500. They consider credit score, income, and financial need. 

    Others are Lifesong for Orphans and Abba Fund. They are all religious organizations. Some may or may not have any faith requirements or statements that are needed for loan approval.

    Consider a combination of a grant and loan. An excellent example of this is A Child Waits. They provide grants to adoptive families and can also give a low interest loan in addition to a grant.

    They have no deadlines for submission, nor do they have any religious affiliation. They do require a co-signer.  Loans and grants or a combination cannot exceed $10,000.


    Popular foundations include HelpUSAdopt, Lifesong for Orphans, Gift of Adoption and Show Hope.  Each foundation has their own guidelines and restrictions that must be followed when applying. 

    A simple internet search will provide a full list of foundations providing grants to families.  Families can waste valuable time hunting for grants on the internet without the proper guidance. Our coaches can help families connect to the right foundation to get the best results.  

    Be sure to read the web site and information before applying.  We do not recommend applying to ALL foundations. It is a waste of your time and theirs as you will not qualify for all of them, and you are taking valuable resources from a family that might qualify.     


    Fundraising is not for everyone!  If you are not the type of person that enjoys planning, details and events, then it’s likely not going to be your thing! 

    Many families have had a great deal of success with fundraising for their adoption. But they will tell you themselves it’s time consuming and requires attention to detail and planning ahead. 

    Best practices for a successful fundraising event include:

    • Know how much you need.  Do your budget first, ask for a realistic amount. 
    •  Give yourself enough time!  At least 6 months from start to finish.
    •  Ask for help!  Gather some of your friends and family to help you – they may have ideas or experience that will help with the process.
    •  You will have to spend some money – establish your budget.  No matter how large or small your event, you will have to spend some money.  Be realistic about this going in, set a budget, make a plan. 
    • Be flexible!  Ask anyone who has planned a wedding, shower or graduation – flexibility is the key to a successful event.  You have to make a decision in the moment and sometimes roll with it! 


    Social media platforms come to mind when we talk about ‘other.’  Social media platforms such as GoFundMe, Facebook, Adopttogether.org are all viable options when fundraising.  The key to remember about these valuable tools is that they are tools, not events. 

    They should be used in combination of something else you are planning.  If you just plan to do a GoFundme page, then you’ll have to make a plan. Just like your fundraising plan, you will need to plan for how you’ll post, what you’ll post, writing your compelling story, who you will share it with, how many times and most important - how you will drive traffic and interest to your page over time.  These platforms can be very successful; but can be the most beneficial when used as a part of an overall fundraising plan for your adoption. 

    Community Built Through the Adoption Journey: Let Your Community Help Grow Your Funds

    Finally, we consider it a privilege and honor to have the opportunity to work with so many clients to help them build their family through adoption.  There is no greater way to bring a community together than through adoption.  We encourage you to invite your community in! 

    Family and friends and others in your community want to be a part of this extraordinary experience.  Whether they give money, time or talent, you will be amazed at the generosity of others when you invite them in.  Our best advice – LET THEM!  


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