The adoption process is incredibly overwhelming. We often refer to the process as “Paperwork, Politics, and Finances,” the BIG 3 things that Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAP) have to tackle when embarking on an adoption journey.

And surprisingly, they need to be prepared to take on all three – ALL at once! A PAP’s adoption agency or adoption attorney will be focused on helping families with tackling both paperwork and politics from the very beginning of the adoption process. This leaves families guessing as to what comes next and how to specifically tackle the financial side of things.

YOUR ADOPTION FINANCE COACH serves families by focusing on the financial aspect of their adoption journey. We have firsthand knowledge of the entire process and how overwhelming it can be.

Each of our coaches has been touched by the adoption triad. We personally know how difficult it can be to:

  • keep track of what comes next,
  • know what to expect at different times,
  • remember or know when payments are due,
  • and understand what permissions and fees are required for which form, etc.

We work very closely with our partner agencies and attorneys. We help connect families back to their agency/attorney when certain support is needed.

By active listening and having empathy for what a family is experiencing, we know how to support them through the adoption process. For instance, we can help them create a customized financial plan for how they’ll bring their family together.

We help families through the step-by-step process allowing them to “see the light at the end of the tunnel.”  We know that even the toughest of phases in the adoption journey can be overcome so that the joy at the end of the journey can be realized, and we long to share that hope with families.

Our coach provided a great deal of adoption support to us at times when our heads were spinning.  I was skeptical that YAFC (Your Adoption Finance Coach) would be able to help us at all – but as soon as we connected, we were pleasantly surprised. Our coach listened to our concerns, helped us figure out issues with our adoption in general that would also impact grant applications, and answered all our questions – no matter how trivial.  We are grateful for YAFC and the adoption support its team provided to our family in the final stretches of our adoption journey.  We would recommend them to ANY family seeking support in the adoption process. – Luke, Kimberly and Baby Lennox

At YAFC, we know that the adoption process at any given moment can be demanding in a completely different way than it was just a week, or even a day, prior. Our coaches are always ready to meet a family where they are and provide the right kind of adoption support that is needed in their journey.

Please contact us today at if you have questions about our services and how you can take advantage of the adoption support we provide through our partnering agencies or through the NCFA Family Membership.  We look forward to connecting with you!

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