Since 2008, Your Adoption Finance Coach has had the honor to work with more than 7,000 prospective adoptive parents.

We consider it a privilege to work closely with families on such a personal journey. 


Victoria Eades, MA

Domestic Social Services Coordinator, Open Door Adoption Agency
The benefit of including Your Adoption Finance Coach in our parent training is that families have seen your face and heard directly from the horse’s mouth what support you can provide. It is a way of having them take the very first step of working with you right then on training day. I also think it normalizes the process of raising the money.
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YAFC Family

Adoptive Family
When we stepped up to adopt our precious boy, we found the overall cost overwhelming and we realized quickly that we would not be able to adopt him unless we got help with the financial side of things – and fast! Our attorney gave us information about Your Adoption Finance Coach (YAFC), and a renewed hope was found! After logging on to the YAFC portal, we connected with a coach who was very caring and helpful; she listened to our story and got right to work offering her expert assistance. Without the help of YAFC, we would not have received the $21,000 in grants that we did! For starters, we did not even know that these grants were available to adopting families. Even our web searches did not produce what YAFC was able to help us find, and their advocacy on our behalf with the foundations made all the difference. The resources available on the portal were very helpful to have a better understanding of what to expect and how to proceed. Thank you YAFC!

Stephen, Santiago & Juan

Adoptive Family
The portal offered a great deal of helpful information. However, having a personal coach, a human being, I could talk to and bounce ideas off of helped me understand how the information from the portal applied to me and more importantly, put it to good use. My coach was readily available - I appreciated that I could both email her quick questions AND jump on the phone with her to talk through more complex inquiries; and I always had the portal there as a reference point with best practices, help and templates. The assistance I got from YAFC was invaluable. I fear there are prospective adoptive families out there who believe they make too much money or don’t need help – and so when offered the services of YAFC by their agency or attorney, they look the other way. I think this is a mistake. I would urge families to give YAFC the opportunity to ease the financial burden of your adoption journey; it will make both a short-term and long-term difference. Because of YAFC’s help, I was in a much better financial position when my teen and preteen sons came home than I would have been without utilizing their services. I am grateful.

YAFC Family

Adoptive Family
All the required paperwork and technology to apply for a grant has been intimidating; I didn’t think I would be able to apply because I didn’t know how. It was a huge relief when my Coach literally helped me fill out my applications – line by line – and ensured that I had gathered up the right paperwork to submit with my applications. I could not have done this myself. She even helped me get my award letter packets turned back in accurately and on time. I would not have been able to file these grant applications had it not been for the help of my Coach. She also personally advocated for me and my daughter with the foundations – I would not have known how to do this.

Adoption Agency

Case Manager
We think it has been great to offer this service because as case managers often find, the financial piece is one of the first things brought up. Finances can be a huge stress for families. If they feel like they have someone to talk to about this and help them come up with a financial plan, it can be a big stress relief.

The Andrews Family

Adoptive Family
We really appreciated all of your time and coaching. Because of your help, we received two grants that have made a huge diffrence in our finances. Our little guy was born 8 weeks early and was in the NICU for 6 weeks, but he is home now and getting bigger and stronger and CUTER every day! Thank you again, YAFC!

Luke, Kim & Baby Lennox

Adoptive Family
We found the adoption process thoroughly overwhelming (emotionally, logistically and financially) and quite honestly, weren't expecting much when we learned about Your Adoption Finance Coach (YAFC). We attended our first YAFC webinar and were pleasantly surprised. We then spoke with our coach to learn more about their services and how they could help us. Our experience with YAFC was incredible and they are absolutely the first name we mention when anyone tells us that they are planning to adopt. Our coach was informative and patient, guiding us expertly through each step of the gran application process; no matter how trivial the question. We cannot than YAFC enough. Our adoption would have been very difficult without them.

YAFC Family

Adoptive Family
Having someone who knows the ins and outs of the application process, who has a relationship with many of the larger foundations, who could tell me which foundations made sense for us to apply to, and who could also help us make sure our application was both thorough and compelling – I don’t know how to quantify such a resource. In addition to helping us find funding to finalize our adoption, our YAFC coach no doubt saved me an unknown amount of time and energy so that I could concentrate what little time and energy I did have on bringing our daughter home and caring for her.

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