Among the 6,000+ families we have been honored to serve, we have been pleased to recently work with a mom who is adopting her biological niece from a country in the Caribbean.  She came to us after finalizing the adoption in country – but still needing help to find funding to finalize the U. S. side of things so that her daughter could come to the U. S. to be with her.

We are sharing her story here hoping that it will inspire you to seek out YAFC’s help with YOUR adoption journey.  We asked both the Prospective Adoptive Parent (PAP) and her YAFC Coach a few questions – our interview is below.

How did YOUR ADOPTION FINANCE COACH assist you in writing grants?

“All the required paperwork and technology to apply for a grant has been intimidating; I didn’t think I would be able to apply because I didn’t know how.  It was a huge relief when my Coach literally helped me fill out my applications – line by line – and ensured that I had gathered up the right paperwork to submit with my applications.  I could not have done this  myself.  She even helped me get  my award letter packets turned back in accurately and on time.  I would not have been able to file these grant applications had it not been for the help of my Coach.  She also personally advocated for me and my daughter with the foundations – I would not have known how to do this.”

Anything else to add about your experience with YAFC?

“ I am also grateful that YAFC cares about me and my daughter and asks regularly about how we  are doing.  I had been living with my daughter in her birth country but had to return to the U. S. a few years ago when I learned I had cancer and had to remain in the US  for treatment.  I talk with her frequently, encouraging her and letting her know that I am doing everything I can to get us together as a family here in the U. S. as quickly as possible.  Even so, at times we both cry on the phone together. I love her so much and I cannot wait to be reunited with my daughter.  I know that the coaches at YAFC care about us and are working hard to help me get the funding I need to bring her home. “

How common are Kinship Adoptions like this one?  What challenges do they present?

YAFC Coach:  We support quite a few families who are working to adopt a relative – either from the U. S. or another country.  Regardless of whether it is a domestic or international adoption, families are often surprised by the number of challenges with which they are presented, the largest of which being financial. There seems to be a belief  that if they are adopting a biological family member that the expenses will be minimal; unfortunately, this is not the case.  And when it is an international adoption, there are a number of political hurdles that also have to be cleared.  In this case, the family  had already finalized her daughter’s (formerly niece) adoption in-country and had already used up a great deal of her savings to do so; however, she was shocked to learn she still had to then do the full immigration and re-adoption process in the U. S. as well, in order to bring her daughter home to Georgia. Many families are unaware of the logistics of these types of adoptions.  It is important to find the right resources to assist so that you don’t spend more money than needed and use the time wisely.    The  adoption and immigration attorney, Irene Steffas of Steffas & Associates, is just one of the amazing and dedicated attorneys with whom we are pleased to partner.  It brings us joy to work with a family in obtaining a grant or helping them with a fundraising project – because it all leads to one thing:  families together.

Guiding and Supporting Families Through the Financial Hurdles of the Adoption Journey

It has been our pleasure to work with this mom and we look forward to celebrating with her when her daughter gets here to the U. S. – we hope very soon!
We know that adoption is complicated; and that every adoption journey is unique.  There are many plates spinning at the same time. Our famous line, “paperwork, politics, and finances” – it’s all too true!

We created Your Adoption Finance Coach to help families like YOU raise the money you need to complete your adoption journey and bring your child home. We consider it a privilege to work closely with families on such a personal journey and we’d welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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