YAFC has worked with over 6,000 families over the years and even though they are all unique and special, one family stands out as an example for us all.

This month we want to spotlight a family because they are so much like many other families that we work with.  Those common denominators are the desire to adopt but not understanding the finances and how to make the dream of adoption come true.  Here are excerpts from our conversation with this family.

How did Your Adoption Finance Coach assist you in writing grants?

When we stepped up to adopt our precious boy, we found the overall cost overwhelming and we realized quickly that we would not be able to adopt him unless we got help with the financial side of things – and fast!

Our attorney gave us information about Your Adoption Finance Coach (YAFC), and a renewed hope was found! After logging on to the YAFC portal, we connected with a coach who was very caring and helpful; she listened to our story and got right to work offering her expert assistance.

I won’t lie, the task of filling out multiple applications for grants was extremely daunting, especially while caring for a little one at the same time. Every night, I would sit down at the end of the day, write a little more of our story for the applications, and how this amazing baby came into our lives. I poured my heart into this process and made sure to include as many details as possible; then I handed it over to our coach who helped us know what we needed to add or take out.

Our adoption situation was distinct and a bit challenging in regard to applying to foundations; and so I know there were times that our coach turned to Kelly, YAFC’s CEO, to make sure we were heading in the right direction. As a result, we felt like we had a whole cheerleading team rooting for us and encouraging us to complete the arduous process. YAFC was there every step of the way and provided timely support. They gave us the confidence to get started and the push to keep going.

How did YAFC’s personal coaching and online portal impact your adoption process?

Without the help of YAFC, we would not have received the $21,000 in grants that we did!

For starters, we did not even know that these grants were available to adopting families. Even our web searches did not produce what YAFC was able to help us find, and their advocacy on our behalf with the foundations made all the difference. The resources available on the portal were very helpful to have a better understanding about what to expect and how to proceed. Thank you YAFC!

YAFC Supports Families Through the Financial Challenges of the Adoption Journey

Our goal at Your Adoption Finance Coach is to support families through the complex financial process of their adoption journey.  There’s no better feeling than helping a couple bring their family together forever.

At Your Adoption Finance Coach, our financial coaches are experienced and eager to help families through their adoption journey to identify resources, raise funds, and create a comprehensive financial plan for completing their adoption. It is a privilege to work closely with families on such a personal journey and we’d welcome the opportunity to assist you.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help your family, please reach out to us at coach@youradoptionfinancecoach.com .

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