Over the past 13 years, Your Adoption Finance Coach has had the honor to work with more than 6,000 prospective adoptive parents. We have assisted them with budgeting, receiving grants and loans, planning successful fundraisers, and understanding the Adoption Tax Credit.  As summer began this year, we heard from one of our agencies about a family who had accepted the placement of a little girl who was 2 weeks old with special needs.  William and Laura had just decided to take a break from waiting on a placement and didn’t have their funding in place – and now all of a sudden – they needed financial resources YESTERDAY.

We are sharing their story here with you with the hope that it will inspire you to seek out YAFC’s support for you and YOUR adoption journey.  We asked both the family and their YAFC Coach a few questions – our interview is below.


FAMILY:  “When we learned that our agency, Bethany Christian Services, worked with Your Adoption Finance Coach, we felt a sense of relief, as within the course of just a few weeks, we had decided to pull our profile of waiting families and then unexpectedly were asked (and then accepted) to take place placement of a newborn with critical special needs…we needed to come up with more than $20,000 ASAP, in addition to preparing our homes and lives for our beautiful Safina.   Our YAFC Coach immediately began to assist us with knowing which grants we would still be eligible to apply for AND given our unique situation, she also advocated for us personally with the foundations.  We applied right away to Gift of Adoption and A Child Waits and received grants from them totalling $9,500; one other grant is still pending.”

In addition to helping you find grants, how else did YAFC assist you? 

FAMILY:  “TIME!  In our situation, I simply didn’t have the time to research adoption grants and then figure out which ones we were actually eligible for.  AND until I talked with YAFC, I didn’t even know that the majority of foundations won’t grant a financial award once a child has been placed.  Having someone who knows the ins and outs of the application process, who has a relationship with many of the larger foundations, who could tell me which foundations made sense for us to apply to, and who could also help us make sure our application was both thorough and compelling – I don’t know how to quantify such a resource.  In addition to helping us find funding to finalize our adoption, our YAFC coach no doubt saved me an unknown amount of time and energy so that I could concentrate what little time and energy I did have on bringing our daughter home and caring for her.“

How do you think this family, and others like them, benefit most from the services that YAFC offers?

YAFC COACH:  The adoption process is filled with so many TO DOs.  As families are working on their home study and dossier, their adoption provider gives them a list of things to check off and do/turn in.  When it comes to finding the necessary finances – there is no such list provided or if there is a list, the family rarely knows what to do with it.  At YAFC, we provide a financial “to do” list,  and we customize it for each family, because no financial path will be the same for any 2 families.  As was the case with this family – they were taking placement within days of talking with us.  This meant that the list of potential foundations to which they could apply was pretty limited – most of the families we work with are unaware of this hurdle that once a child is placed in the home Foundations rarely give grants in those cases.  In our first phone call, we were able to give this amazing family a list of foundations that we were pretty sure they could get results from even with their shortened time frame and because of the special needs of the child they were adopting. It was our distinct pleasure to support them and allow them to feel like the financial side of things wouldn’t keep them from adding this precious baby to their family.

Guiding and Supporting Families Through the Financial Hurdles of the Adoption Journey

It was our pleasure to help this family feel comfortable with saying YES to the placement of their child, knowing that there were grants out there to assist them, and that we would do our best to help them find them.

We know that adoption is complicated! There are many plates spinning at the same time. Our famous line, “paperwork, politics, and finances” – it’s all too true!

We created Your Adoption Finance Coach to help families like YOU raise the money you need to complete your adoption journey and bring your child home – no matter the situation or timeframe or circumstance. We consider it a privilege to work closely with families on such a personal journey and we’d welcome the opportunity to assist you.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help your family, please reach out to us at coach@youradoptionfinancecoach.com.